Chuao, Venezuela

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    Chuao, Venezuela
    Defiant Viajero (“Defiant Traveler”) is a 40% milk chocolate using the most famous cocoa bean in the world from Chuao, Venezuela. Durci is the only chocolatier currently making a milk chocolate out of this bean, offering all of the complexity Chuao is known for while maintaining the smooth sweet flavor many people unaccustomed to dark chocolate desire.   Handcrafted in our small factory at the base of the Wasatch Range in Utah, USA.Ingredients: COCOA BEANS, CANE SUGAR, COCOA BUTTER, WHOLE MILK POWDER


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At Durci, our simple mission is to help you rediscover how wonderful chocolate can be. It begins, naturally, with superior cocoa beans from the fertile farmlands of South and Central America. There we have built strong relationships with many native farmers, discovering many of the world’s finest bean varieties and working directly with the farmers to perfect techniques for their growing, harvesting and natural processing.

With the goal of producing more complex and unique flavor notes than those produced by traditional methods, each step in the process is critical – harvest, ferment, dry, roast, winnow, refine and conch – and the same care continues as the chocolate bars are finished in our small factory at the base of the Wasatch Range in Utah.

We invite you to Rediscover Chocolate from Durci. A world of superb quality and unique flavors that will take your taste to new frontiers.